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Audrey McMillan CEO of SAPRO with Geniene Preston of Life is a Beach

5 FEB 2023

Audrey fills us in on the current status of shipping South African goods to SA Stores worldwide and what favourites we can expect to find in the stores for Easter. We also chat about loadshedding and shipping in general. We also discuss the new SAPRO Online app for those emigrating to find their local SA Store.

Audrey McMillan, CEO SAPRO, gives us an update for 2023

8 NOV 2022

Its almost Christmas and despite the current chaotic status of the ports and shipping in South Africa including strikes and much more, SAPRO are still packing those containers and getting those goods overseas in time for Christmas and Easter! Get to know what oges on behind the scenes....

Audrey MacMillan updates South Africans worldwide on current shipping trends

11 AUG 2022

SAPRO, exports home abroad, and supplies South African Stores worldwide with favourite, new and existing products. They endeavour to ensure that products arrive safely and within the sell by date and for the enjoyment of all. However, there are challenges along the way and with Covid having just finished, it doesn't mean that the shipping lanes and container...

Audrey MacMillan CEO SAPRO Update

1 JUN 2022

Between the floods in Durban during May 2022, the shortage of available containers and of course the road system being under severe pressure, never mind the harbours, Audrey spent some time with Geniene Preston, updating customers overseas about their product delays being out of their control.

Kitsch Kool

19 NOV 2021

Geniene Preston talks to the team at Kitsch Kool to find out more about their unusual, useful and smile making range of gifts that SAPRO export abroad.

Shipping Update with Audrey MacMillan, CEO SAPRO October 2021

19 NOV 2021

Audrey MacMillan, CEO of Sapro, shares her insights on the issues facing the shipping of items worldwide. Her update gives us an insider view on the crisis currently facing all the shippers who are working at getting goods to the stores in time for Christmas.